Your Automated Debt Collector

Rendering financial assistance to family and friends should not require so much effort because we help you cater for your loan disbursement and recovery..

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Independent Credit Score

Our independent credit scoring system report is made available for each borrower, which gives the lender an overview of the risk rating of the borrower. Helping mitigate the risk of losing funds to users that often default.

Automated Recovery

As there is no collateral involved in the transaction, repayment is tied to a standing instruction which is placed on the borrower’s accounts across the 24 Nigerian banks. Our Automated loan recovery system is always there to help you retrieve your loan even from your closest of friends.

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Sign up for an account with your name, email and phone number. Enter your bank details you would like to receive your loan into.

Complete KYC

To begin your loan application, enter your phone number in full and then enter your BVN to verify your identity.

Send Loan Request

You can now create a personalised loan request to friends. If your request is accepted, the amount will be disbursed to your account in minutes.

Add your payment details

Enter your card details to make your payments easy.

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